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Training Instructor

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Ex-Military Training Instructor - Military Preparation School (Education)


£18,324 - £27,995pa based on qualifications & experience 

The Military Preparation College (MPCT) is a Grade 1 Ofsted Training Provider; The Military Preparation School provision (MPS) within MPCT has a vacancy for a Training Instructor in Haverford West Pembrokeshire..

The MPS actively supports and complements all local school curricula with young learners (14-16 years old). We support partner schools and local authorities in securing accredited vocational qualifications for learners across England and Wales.This position will run a programme from Pembrokeshire College. The MPS focuses on two main objectives: qualification attainment and developing the skill set required for positive progression to further education, apprenticeship and employment.

Responsibilities and Duties

The role includes working within local schhols in a veriety of locations, centre based and in-school delivery to include all aspects of teaching, mentoring and motivating young people into a positive progression pathway. The teaching aspect of the position is a key element in the role as responsibility for the delivery of a series of vocational qualifications is paramount. The provision can be varied and range from primary to secondary Learners which are from a verity of backgrounds and abilities. The programme also has a military/fitness element so candidates will need to lead a fit healthy lifestyle to enjoy physical activity as part of the delivery of the programme.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A minimum of 5 years military career
  • Military or civilian Physical Training qualification
  • Teaching qualification or the experience of teaching or instructing
  • Experience of working with 14-16yr old young people
  • Knowledge of vocational qualifications or the education sector

Job Type: Full time




Working for MPCT has a massive affect on young peoples lives. APPLY NOW!